Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and multiple sclerosis (MS) are chronic diseases characterised by progressive or alternate impairment of neurological functions (motor, sensory, visual, cognitive). Although disease course varies between the two conditions, both ALS and MS pose a singular challenge to investigators and clinicians, which is:

“How do we decipher the heterogeneity found amongst patients, which causes different patterns of disease manifestation and progression?”

As it stands,

we know the following information:


Stratifying patients accurately into clinically significant subgroups would help advance the development of effective treatments and lead to better care for patients


An increasing number of studies have demonstrated that environmental factors have an effect on both disease aetiology (cause) and progression. However, a comprehensive analysis of clinical, environmental, and lifestyle data has yet to appear that explores these factors in depth


Patients with a neurologic disability and comorbidities continue facing difficulties when accessing neurologic facilities or being cared for properly in hospital. Literature data have revealed how some patient categories, e.g., women and people with a lower socioeconomic status, may more likely experience inequalities in healthcare services


Finally, modern technological solutions have the potential to promote high-quality disease management and elevate the standard of care in hospital and at-home settings for all patients. Low-cost alternatives that welcome the use of wearable sensors and apps, together with breakthrough artificial intelligence methodologies have already paved the way to a new generation of clinical decision-making tools.

This is where BRAINTEASER steps in

The European-based project joins expert partners, clinical studies, and modern technology to leverage this knowledge and such insights to revolutionise care for patients with ALS or MS. It aims to consider the entire healthcare process with a 360° view and deliver a unique solution for such a challenge.

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