By helping to shift the paradigm on clinical practice and focusing on patients’ quality of life and care, BRAINTEASER will significantly expand the ability of public health systems to anticipate, detect, mitigate and manage the negative impacts of risk factors contributing to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis onset, complications, and poor prognosis.

The project will impact professionals, patients, and caregivers. BRAINTEASER will provide a tool to these individuals to achieve a more promising personal, social, and economic future.

Patients and caregivers will:

Experience greater control over decisions and actions related to health:

BRAINTEASER’s continuous monitoring system via low-cost sensors and app questionnaires will empower patients and even caregivers to self-monitor disease progression and respond appropriately

Receive a better prognosis for either amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or multiple sclerosis:

Artificial Intelligence tools developed in BRAINTEASER will improve outcomes for individuals. The integration of large datasets will lead to improved stratification of patients and, in turn, a more a comprehensive perspective on disease management, clinical needs, and therapeutic responses.

Health professionals and
healthcare systems will:

Take advantage of streamlined resource planning both in clinical practice and in the overall health system:

By embracing precision medicine, BRAINTEASER will allow doctors to have the necessary data—all at a single glance—to support informed decisions that consider the panoramic context of patient progress, including general health and socio-economic situations. 

Scientific and investigative groups will:

Enjoy contributions made by BRAINTEASER to the definition of a regulatory framework for in silico tools and methods:

As a consequence of proposing stratification and prediction models for clinical practice use, BRAINTEASER will provide tools that can be employed as in silico simulators and help design clinical trials and develop drugs, as well as supportive clinical decision-making software in compliance with ongoing regulation recommendations

Build upon groundbreaking technology and data insights under the European Open Science Cloud:

European Open Science Cloud: Aimed at validating BRAINTEASER solutions with respect to third-party approaches, the open evaluation challenges organised by the project, together with the produced experimental data, and the open-access publications will accelerate the development of AI-driven solutions for ALS and MS both within the project and beyond.

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