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The BRAINTEASER Community of Practice is a collaborative space for people with multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, their clinicians, caregivers, and the general public who are interested in using artificial intelligence and other digital tools to help manage these conditions.

This community aims to offer a place to share the latest advances, trusted knowledge directly supervised by MS and ASL clinical experts and researchers, and insights that would allow the BRAINTEASER project to provide a comprehensive and practical toolkit of resources and content for all.

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Public deliverables:

This section contains all public deliverables produced by the project so far, following their approval by the European Commission.

Scientific Publications:

This section contains papers, and any other published materials describing our outcomes as they are produced by the project.

Scientific Literature:

This section contains external scientific resources, relevant to the project.

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We invite you to contact us for any inquiries.

We’d love to hear your suggestions or discover ways to collaborate in the future. You can also write to us to share some useful advice or your own personal story.

In the BRAINTEASER Community of Practice, you’ll find what you need for when you need it most!


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