Data science and artificial intelligence are fundamental in the BRAINTEASER project. These pillars will reframe traditional models of public health and complement the vision held by BRAINTEASER to:


Build a more comprehensive overview of patient health and care,

integrating traditionally-collected clinical data with sensor- and mobile-acquired data regarding behavioural and environmental conditions, patients’ social environment and/or resources, and interactions with hospital infrastructures


Support patient stratification and predictions of disease progression

through the development of computational models capable of modelling and simulating disease progression of individual patients, as well as through personalised therapeutic approaches


Promote faster, more accurate prognoses

by maximising big data analytics based on real evidence and parameters to support clinical decision-making processes


Empower patients and caregivers

by involving them in both the design process of health tools and improvements in disease management via interactive apps


Deliver cost-effective, democratised solutions

by employing Cloud-accessible software and affordable mobile and portable sensor technologies for personalised medicine


Adopt an open-science approach

by making developed models available to the scientific community as research tools and selecting the best performing ones for further open cloud access or commercial development and use.

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