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Advances in digital technology are helping us to predict the onset of a disease, how it will progress, or which is the best treatment option for a particular person. In other words, technology allows us to shift to person-centred healthcare, and what’s more, digital tools can help us from the comfort of our homes. Want to know more?

We present the BRAINTEASER Community of Practice, a collaborative space for people with multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but also for their clinicians, caregivers, researchers and the general public who are interested in using artificial intelligence and other digital tools to help manage these conditions.

This community aims to offer a place to share the latest advances, personal stories, trusted knowledge directly supervised by clinical experts and researchers, and insights that would provide a practical toolkit of resources and content for all.

Find the answers you always wanted to know about how technology can help with different neurological conditions, share your experience, get to know other real stories. If you are a researcher, we will be happy to communicate your latest advances in science and technology.

Together we can advance further. Would you join us?


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