45th European Conference on Information Retrieval, ECIR 2023 BRAINTEASER IDPP@CLEF 2023 presentation

On April 5th, computer science professor Nicola Ferro at the University of Padua (IT) has presented the paper “iDPP@CLEF 2023: The Intelligent Disease Progression Prediction Challenge” accepted at ECIR 2023.

The 45th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), this year held in Dublin, Ireland, on 2nd-6th April 2023 is the annual premier European forum for the presentation of new research results in the broadly conceived area of Information Retrieval.

The overall goal of the iDPP@CLEF is to design and develop an evaluation infrastructure for AI algorithms able to better describe disease mechanisms, stratify patients according to their phenotype and predict disease progression in a probabilistic, time dependent fashion. 

This year edition of the challenge targets two kinds of activities: (a) tasks on disease progression prediction; (b) position papers on the impact of the exposure to pollutants on the prediction algorithms. Overall, this mix will provide participants with the opportunity to make some hands-on experience with these data and provide feedback about the task design as well as to brainstorm on how to evaluate this kind of algorithms and, in particular, assess their explain ability. In this iteration of iDPP@CLEF we will focus on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the prediction tasks and on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) for the position papers task.

The BRAINTEASER partners will provide participants with retrospective, fully anonymized MS and ALS clinical data including demographic and clinical characteristics, coming from clinical institutions in Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

The possibility to register to the IDPP@CLEF 2023 is still open as registration will close on 28th April 2023. Registration facilities can be accessed here while the participation guidelines can be consulted here


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