A glimpse into the multicentric observational study – Patient and physician perspectives from Lisbon

The Lisbon Academic Medical Center (Centro Académico de Medicina de Lisboa-CAML) is one of the four clinical hubs within the BRAINTEASER initiative, with a specific focus on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients. Currently, the center is actively involved with 51 participants enrolled in the clinical trial. In a recent discussion with Professor Mamede de Carvalho, the lead investigator at CAML, we explored the complexities of patient acceptance towards the BRAINTEASER methodology, which integrates clinical practices with cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, we examined the levels of endorsement and satisfaction among healthcare professionals involved in the trail activities, as well as strategic plans for integrating this innovative approach into routine clinical workflows.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the progress made and the future trajectory of the project, listen to the insightful interview conducted by our project’s dissemination manager, Natalia Allegretti. This candid conversation with Professor de Carvalho offers invaluable insights into the ongoing evolution of the BRAINTEASER initiative.


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