BRAINTEASER Focus Group Series: AI-based solutions for patients and health professionals

3rd On-line Workshop

11 December 2023, 14:00 – 15:30 CET


BRAINTEASER is a data science project that seeks to exploit the value of large clinical datasets, integrated with lifestyle and environmental data collected through low-cost sensors, to develop AI-based solutions to support patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis and their clinicians.

Goal of the Focus Group Series. The series of four Focus Group online workshops is organized by BRAINTEASER with its community members, with the aim of enlarging the project’s vision on users and market needs, obtaining additional requirements to accompany the go-to-market strategy towards the most suitable exploitation routes. The first workshop, held on February 1st 2022, offered an overview of the BRAINTEASER project as a whole, spotting a light on the apps and clinical tools that were under development. The second workshop, held on February 21st 2023, provided an update on the ongoing project activity, directing on the great importance of quality data as fuel for AI-based solutions exploitation.

AI-based solutions for patients and health professionals. This third workshop will provide an update on the ongoing BRAINTEASER activity, focusing on the interactive tools being designed to collect information from the patient and to provide personalized feedback, and the underlying data infrastructure. Starting from what BRAINTEASER has already done and will do in terms of clinical tools development and health data collection, the agenda of the webinar will tackle challenges and opportunities related to app accessibility, ethical principles, privacy issues, and sustainability. Moreover, we will explore the opportunity to create a Community of Practice to link scientific communities, patients and healthcare providers in a multi-stakeholders’ engagement.

These are just a few of the topics to be addressed in a dynamic meeting with advocacy patient groups representatives, clinicians, policy makers, industry and IT professionals, ethical and standardization experts that will animate the plenary discussion.

By implementing the principles of participatory design, the experts will be engaged in a dialogue on clinical unmet needs, diseases course, clinical practices, new emerging research towards the development of more accurate and personalized treatment outcomes, to assess and enhance the BRAINTESER solutions and its exploitation approach.





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