Suitable exploitation routes co-design: BRAINTEASER approach to results’ sustainability and commercialisation strategy

One of the main objectives of the BRAINTEASER project is to exploit its results with the ultimate aim of improving care and quality of life of ALS and MS patients. To accompany the BRAINTEASER Consortium towards the most suitable results’ sustainability and commercialization strategy, a series of Focus Group online workshops will be organized, with the goal of obtaining additional requirements and enlarging the project’s vision on users and market needs.

The first workshop, which will take place on the 1st of February 2022 , is aimed at offering an overview of the BRAINTEASER project as a whole, spotting a light on the apps and clinical tools that are under development.

Advocacy patient groups representatives, clinicians, policy makers, ICT professionals, ethical and standardisation experts will be engaged in a panel discussion on clinical unmet needs, diseases course, clinical practices and new emerging research, to assess and enhance the BRAINTEASER solutions and its exploitation approach.


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