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The Environmental Sensors Workshop

The Environmental Sensors Workshop is aimed at Discuss the optimal solutions to collect environmental data from existing infrastructure, sensors grids, and open data already available in the involved cities (i.e. Lisbon, Madrid, Turin, and Pavia) Find the best solutions to enhance and integrate environmental data infrastructures with novel sensors Define synergies and collaboration paths with […]

BRAINTEASER: Open co-design workshop on next generation tools to manage ALS and MS

Aim of the event is to gather feedback from a panel of experts, patients and families associations and from the audience on the initial BRAINTEASER solution and to build relationships with relevant stakeholders and other projects and initiatives. Stay tuned for additional information about the workshop and the registration facilities!

BRAINTEASER meets LETHE, RADAR-AD and AI-Mind projects


On Monday 4th October 2021 13.00-14.00 CET BRAINTEASER meets ETHE, RADAR-AD and AI-Mind projects to identify similarities in related project objectives, assess value and areas for further exchanges and cooperation. Stay tuned for future hookup activities!

BRAINTEASER Focus Groups: suitable exploitation routes co-design Workshop

BRAINTEASER is a data science project that seeks to exploit the value of large clinical datasets integrated with personal and environmental data collected through low-cost sensors, to develop AI-based clinical software and mobile apps to support patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and multiple sclerosis and their clinicians. The series of four Focus Group online workshops […]

BRAINTEASER presents its first open evaluation challenge at ECIR

Stavanger, Norway

Nicola Ferro, full professor at the University of Padua, will present the BRAINTEASER First Open Evaluation Challenge - IDPP@CLEF 2022 - at the The European conference on Information Retrieval and Information Access, 10-14 April 2022, Stavanger  (Norway)

BRAINTEASER presented at MIE 2022 as an example of fair modeling

EFMI MIE 2022 – Nice, France

On May 27th 2022 Arianna Dagliati, University of Pavia, will contribute to the panel discussion “Explainability, Causability, Causality, Reliability: The many facets of ``good'' explanations in XAI for health (Enea Parimbelli, Arianna Dagliati, Brent Mittlestadt, Riccardo Guidotti, Niels Peek, Andreas Holzinger)” at MIE 2022. The focus of Arianna's talk will be on  "reliability": When a […]

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